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Zon Story

Our story began in 2008 when a farmer in Jamaica who had a deep passion for plants discovered a new strain of ginger in his nursery, within the unique climate of Bog Walk, a small town 30Km outside the capital of Kingston.

Because of the cinnamon-like aroma blended with other fruity fragrances, the temptation to the palate for that kissing taste, drives a need for a beverage. When consumed by the connoisseurs this only confirms that something new has arrived, hence the birth of Zon Teasan.

This herbal tea is made with PATENTED JAMAICA CINNAMON GINGER (MCGHIE JCG). This ginger plant’s origin goes back thousands of years. Successful documented uses of ginger teas include anti-inflammatory effects, anti-microbial activities, reported anti-diabetic, liver health, and so on. Safety of dietary ginger is well known, and is included on the United States’ FDA GRAS list (Federal Food and Drug Administration Generally Regarded As Safe List). This PATENTED ginger is not genetically modified, and is grown in an absolute organic environment to ensure purity, stability and consistency.

Today the McGhie JCG has been patented in Canada, U.S.A, and 27 countries in Europe.

Scientific Facts

McGhieJCG® is a unique botanical that is a member of the Zingiberaceae family of herbaceous plants. It was originally discovered as a hybrid variety attached to a stool (mat) of its parent lesser galangal (Alpinia officinarum Hance Jam1). Previous scientific research on the parent variety revealed that the plant has significant anticancer activities against various cancer types.  The findings of these studies have been published in international peer reviewed journals.

Further scientific investigations suggest that the new variety (McGhieJCG®) has similar or greater medicinal and nutritional value, and seems destined to be a valuable addition to the nutraceutical industry because of the observed biological activities and nutrient content of its extracts.

6 Key Nutraceutical Benefits

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Anti-Inflammatory properties

Dysmenorrhea is the greatest gynaecological complaint among women of reproductive age and prevalence rates as high as 90% have been reported (Oladosu, 2017). The condition causes painful abdominal cramps at the onset of and during menstruation. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) characterized dysmenorrhea as the most important cause of chronic pelvic pain (WHO, 2017).

Several females have reported a significant reduction in abdominal cramps during their menstrual cycles when consuming McGhieJCG® in different forms. Results from scientific investigations have corroborated these anecdotal reports. The abdominal pains of dysmenorrhea have been associated with inflammatory mechanisms (Grandi, 2012., Yang, 2017).

McGhieJCG® contains a significant amount of total vitamin A (5,980 IU/100g) according to analyses done by the Eurofins testing center in Des Moines, Iowa. Vitamin A is known to have a role as an anti-inflammatory agent. In fact, supplementation with vitamin A has been found to be beneficial in a number of inflammatory conditions, including some forms of precancerous and cancer states. Furthermore, vitamin A deficiency appears to induce inflammation and aggravates existing inflammatory states. (Reifen, 2002, 2016). Therefore, vitamin A could well play a role in mechanism of action of McGhieJCG® against dysmenorrhea. Free radical productions from different biological and environmental sources are due to an imbalance of natural antioxidants which can lead to various inflammatory associated conditions (Arulselvan et al., 2016).

Studies have shown that McGhieJCG® contains significant amounts of flavonoids and phenols having powerful antioxidant activities. These may assist in modulating inflammatory conditions and could also contribute to the observed anti-dysmenorrheal properties of McGhieJCG®

Potent antioxidant properties

Alcohol and aqueous (water) extracts of McGhieJCG® were found to have significant antioxidant activities. These findings corroborate with the phytochemical analysis of the plant extracts which revealed the presence of flavonoids and phenols which are compounds known to have antioxidant activities.

18 of the 20 naturally occurring amino acids

Including all the essential amino acids (those amino acids that cannot be synthesized de novo in the body and must therefore by supplied in the diet) as well as the Sulphur containing amino acid methionine which is not usually found in the plant kingdom.

Potent Probiotic potential

Studies suggest that McGhieJCG® also has the potential to enhance the growth characteristics of poultry. Chickens fed on a diet fortified with McGhieJCG® showed increased growth rate. In addition, extracts of McGhieJCG® was shown to be rich in the amino acid methionine which is known to be an important requirement in the diet of horses. McGhieJCG® therefore may be valuable as a probiotic for livestock especially as global regulations are now phasing out the use of synthetic hormones and antibiotics as growth enhancers.

Synergistic anti-bacterial activity

Antibiotic resistance continues to pose a serious threat to the treatment of infectious diseases. Importantly, over the past few decades, Gram-positive cocci have become predominant among pathogens causing hospital infections. Staphylococcus aureus is one of the most commonly isolated Gram-positive pathogens in hospital settings and reports have shown that antibiotic resistance by Staphylococcus species is increasing.

Studies were conducted which aimed to compare the antibacterial effects of McGhieJCG® extracts to that of combinations of McGhieJCG® and commonly used antibiotics, to identify possible synergistic activity. The results showed that McGhieJCG® potentiated the activities of the five antibiotics used in the study (vancomycin, rifampicin, gentamicin, ampicillin and penicillin) against Staphylococcus aureus.

These results suggest that combining McGhieJCG® with antibiotics could be a potential source for resistance-modifying agents useful against infectious multi-drug resistant bacteria.

Significant Protein Content

20 times more proteins than cranberry and 6 times more protein than sorrel


Potential Industries for McGhie JCG

Tea Industry

Animal Feed Industry

Beverage Industry

Cosmetics Industry


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